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Best Hotels In Chiang Mai

Life in the Chiang Mai destination of Thailand is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. First of all it is the only part in Thailand that offers nature, history, culture and adventure. People never find it boring there as one can opt for many activities. And you can find various staying options depending on your budget and timeline.


People generally love food culture of a place where they visit. And needless to say Chiang Mai is known for its mouth watering street foods. If you need to taste authentic Thai food then local street food options are best and they are pocket friendly too. Next comes the affordable living costs. Comparing to other cities this place is great if you want to live in peace without making a hole in your pocket. Although you can get luxury staying options, but this place is suitable for every type of budget. Above all you have an array of options to spend your vacation. Getting lost in the lap of nature with just a few hours’ drive will get you away from the city life crowd. The forested road, mountains, valleys and villages are a treat to visit. The local people are friendly, always ready to help you with a smile on their faces.


The top rated boutique hotels are the luxurious options and are more towards expensive side. To name a few best boutique hotels in Chiang Mai we have:


● Tamarind Village
● Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and spa
● Zensala Riverpark Resort
● Sala Lana Chiang Mai
● Rainforest Boutique
● Le Meridian
● Rachamankha

If you are worried about your pocket yet wants to stay in some good hotels then you can opt for several reasonably affordable hotels.

● The Peaberry
● Thannatee Boutique Hotel
● Golden Bell Hotel
● The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

Many bed and breakfast options are available too where you can get to stay for a night and enjoy homemade meals. No matter what your schedule and budget is Chiang Mai is ready to welcome you. So now that you know where to live, you might change your plans and book for Chiang Mai. It is truly a pleasure to visit this wonderful place.